Hello, sailor!

From the author of Murder Incorporated
and Duke Street Kings

Baby, it’s a wired world. When avid vinyl collector Spencer Graham stumbles across rock ‘n’ roll gold at a garage sale, a mysterious acetate tucked away in a California lemons box, word spreads fast. Spencer soon finds himself surrounded by friends and enemies he’s never met, including a purple-haired punk, a sleazy memorabilia dealer, an ex-mercenary,
a faded rocker and a cynical ad man.

The Garage Sailor plumbs the depths of what it is to be a music fan; on a quest, complete with holy grails and windmills that are sometimes hard to distinguish from each other. Featuring a ragtag cast of characters including a beleaguered record collector nursing a broken heart and a very charming diabetic cat, The Garage Sailor spins a funny, poignant, and ultimately hopeful yarn.”

- Robert Jones, Deeper Cuts Podcast and thedeletebin.com

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